Banquets & parties

Experience emotions

Where once stood an old trotte, today the Astrid Hall delights our guests. A Biedermeier house, reconstructed under the supervision of the Heritage Society and dedicated to the Belgian Queen Astrid, will exceed your expectations. The foyer in front of Astrid Hall is also inviting. Here your guests can get in the mood for the following event in the Astrid Hall. The Bacchus Hall, among others, is recommended for small parties. Its pièce de résistance is a ten-meter-long refectory table made of 400-year-old elm wood from the old “Ponte die Bassano”. The aperitif or the end of the evening is enjoyed in the Chalet Bar.

But also our Swiss-Chalet Restaurant exudes its very own charm in the individual parlors and provide every occasion with the appropriate setting.

We would be happy to show you all the rooms and parlors during a leisurely tour. We look forward to getting to know you!

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